Saturday, December 23, 2006

Found a computer w/ Internet

So finally after 5 days looking around I found a PC with internet acces and Chinese Windows XP. Unfortunately it doesn't recognize the camera so I can't share the great place I'm at right now. We are staying in the Regal Hotel in Shatin, Hong Kong and I'm heading down to lunch in a little bit. This morning we rode for an 1 1/2 hour and Jared and me worked a bit on lead-outs. The next 5 days is going to be US style circuit races with maximum distance of 110km (65 miles for you US guys reading this). I will give you an update on all my teammates here later on. That's it it for now. Merry Christmas to everyone in Germany!!! Stefan


  1. Hi Stefan! Hoffe du kannst dich noch bisschen an mich erinnern, weisst du noch, Menorca 2002!Mensch, du kommst ja ganz schön in der Welt herum! Heute ist der 24.12, also möchte ich dir alles Gute und Liebe zu Weihnachten wünschen! Ich hoffe du bist im Kreise deiner Familie und deiner Freunde! Weiterhin wünsche ich dir ein frohes neues Jahr 2007! Bis dann und guten Rutsch, Julia und Christine

  2. Merry Christmas even without the snow. Spicy food, it looks great
    Ride hard but don't beat up on Santa and the reindeer too much even though I hear they can really sprint!

  3. hey sweet heart,

    Marry Christmas, we missed you tonight. Christmas seems so lonely here without you. i cant wait for you to come home. race hard and think of me sometimes too. i love you.

    your fancy