Monday, May 28, 2007

new site is up...

The last couple of days I spent racing in DFW and playing with the blog - and came up with this. Make sure to check in every morning from approx. 8-10am CST to see the live video & audio stream from the Giro. It's in Italian, but pretty cool to watch.
As far as racing goes: I spent 60minutes in a break of four at the GS Tenzing Crit yesterday and my numbers were pretty bad (HR avg. 182), 4th place. At the State Crit today I was only able to do the "shake" part of the famous "shake'n bake" (Talladega Nights). Once it started raining the racing/crashing/dropping/sliding went nuts and at the end only 25 guys finished our race, I did my part and came in 40 seconds after Nathan of CD who won the race.
Oh well, Chad pulled off another Top 5 result for us and hopefully by Friday I will get rid of that cold which is bothering me since Joe Martin so we can lighten it up for
Tulsa Tough.

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