Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2nd in Fayetteville (again)

Our mini team of Crosby, "Big Daddy" Russ Walker, and I came back with a 2nd place in GC from another TX race. Winning would have been of course nice, but THSJ's MVP Heath Blackgrove was unbeatable this weekend.

Dinner at the "Third Base" in Warrenton started off the weekend where K-Schae, Crosby and I got some pre-race burgers & fries along while enjoying some Texas Country Bar scene. Even though Saturday went not perfect (a break of 5 rolled off the front) I was still in contention with only 40sec down and no real big TT threat being in that group. Even though I went 5 seconds faster comparing to '08 (which got me 2nd back then) I only managed 5th in the TT. Uh? Texas Cycling is getting better and better and kids like Lawson Craddock (TT winner) show us how it's done. Impressive.

Going into Sunday's RR we had 8th GC, less than 40seconds off of overnight leader Korioth. The 2nd day usually makes the GC since it's a bit longer (96miles) and we do a bit more rollers, too. And that's exactly how it folded out as Heath, DW, myself and a few others rolled off the front with 3 1/2 laps to go and we did a 7-man team-time trial with nobody skipping pulls until the last lap. It was nice to be actually "racing" and compete instead of waiting for the finish. Heath was 4 seconds ahead of DW and me and the the "virtual" leader on the road now. When he went with 15miles to go I did not respond since there two SS in the break who's GC win was up the road right in front of us. I did a few half-hearted pulls and went for it the last time we saw real head-wind with 10miles to go. Knowing I can't catch Heath, I was racing for 2nd and TT'd towards the finish with young kid Schmalz, Carter + DW chasing. I felt like the "rabbit" but I figured they must be going hard to catch me. So it was and only Carter managed to get up to me, and we dragged each other to the line. Every second counted for his GC and I didn't even try to sprint vs. him - so I got 3rd on the day and 2nd GC. That's all we could do that day.

Thanks to Crosby + Russ for being there early and holding up the TX Tough colors while I was still "chilling" at the back :-) That's now the 3rd time I got 2nd in this one, maybe another time things will work out.

Now it's off to California with Alex Welch for Redlands. A shout-out to teammate Tyler Jewell who should have been in this spot but is still side-lined with a few broken bones from his crash. Get well!


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