Saturday, January 22, 2011


Spend a bit more time in the garage lately, mostly late evenings with a good glass of red wine. Why? Well, I needed to built up a nice new bike for the wifey. After Specialized, and another Specialized it was time for something custom and thanks to Russ Walker I got her a full-custom painted COBRA. Made in Taiwan, just like any other frameset you buy in the store but 70% cheaper. And the Austin Flyers paint scheme came with it. While I never got a chance to talk/chat with the guy who painted that frame in some factory in Taiwan I sure know he did an amazing job getting the colors right and most importantly made the wifey happy ;-)

Here are a few pics. Complete SRAM Red with a VCRC BB, an Easton stem/bar combo and of course a pair of COBRA 101 "Comin' in Hot"-edition wheels straight from Russ Walker's Auto Mall Accessories in Shreveport, Louisiana ;-)

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