Monday, April 23, 2007

Repeat in the Davis Mountains for "Sheriff" Rothe

Looks like Ft. Davis Stage Race really suits me: After winning the GC there last year I was able to "defend" and bring home the win for our "mini-team" consisting of Jarred Gilker and myself.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Flying Scotsman

For all you trackies and time trial enthusiasts: Make sure to check out the new movie about Graeme Obree coming out in theaters in two weeks. It's a really cool story about the Scottish Cyclist who won world pursuit championships and had the hour-record in the 90's. I had the chance to read his book while being in Belgium last year and it was really fascinating to read (that means a lot coming from someone who usually doesn't read books). One review says: "The ups and downs of the story are cleverly balanced. The euphoria of cycling is played against the loneliness of an isolated mind." Check out the trailer!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Toughing it out in cold Oklahoma...

I just got back from my friends in Tulsa after two days of good racing in the VeloCup Series. Saturday I was able to get 2nd and today I had to settle for third as Bill Stolte (HRRC) took the honors both days. The average temperature on Saturday was 40 F and my legs definitively felt it. But, the competition had the same conditions so it was okay. The "switchback-training" earlier this week at Mt. Scott helped me to make the selection of four (Adam Mills - thanks for reading my blog regularly, Bill Stolte, and Brice Jones) in this 50 mile race. It came down to a cat & mouse game in the last lap after I "tested" my legs up the finish hill w/ 1 to go. Eventually, I got away with Stolte and he did what he was expected to with 2 guys in the break of 4 - winning. I got 2nd and it was good. On Sunday we had more guys out and Mat Ankney cleared the way for us early on so Alex and me got in a break with Janne (Tulsa) and Stolte again. Unfortunately for us, Stolte was super strong again and outsmarted us the last 2 laps (although my legs were hurting pretty bad, too). Got to ride & race 90miles today as we rode out to the course w/ Chad (a.k.a. 53x11), Alex, Mat & Bam-Bam.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Keirin, heads, etc. at the track

I went out to the track last night to "play" a bit. Seriously, it was a lot of fun although the temp's in the low 40's made the warming-up part very difficult. I survived the cold and won the omnium. I just had my new FUJI bike built together last week and wanted to try it out...well, I probably should have chosen a different day because it was freeeezing cold out there. But you "gotta do what you gotta do". I got 2nd in the Keirin Heat #1 and took the final, followed by a "V" in the Unknown Distance. It was fun, I need more speed workouts like those. The final event, a 12-lap scratch race (WAY too short), I didn't go for it knowing that it doesn't matter for the omnium and let the Compl. Depot guys sprint it out between themselves.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Belterra & Tunis-Roubaix

Having not raced for two weeks my legs felt "funny" at Belterra and I only managed 8th place. The next morning I got myself pretty dirty at Tunis-Roubaix where I rode to 3rd place after the THSJ boyz played cat and mouse w/ me. Having scored 2nd place last year at that race I wanted to repeat but my legs were not going at all after haven't be able to train a whole lot that week due to a cold. I never felt strong and managed only 8th place. Oh well, I thought and was looking forward to the epic Tunis race the next day. Having won that race before in the College category I was hoping to do well again, and my legs felt better than yesterday. Thanks to my training wheels (and 25mm MAXXIS Detonator tires) I didn't flat and I tried to make a decision in the dirt but the field wouldn't really break up. Finally, I ended up with two Hotel San Jose guys and they did what the had to do, attacking me left and right until I cracked and so I finished 3rd...Oh well, Mercy has been doing that to them multiple times before :-)