Friday, April 20, 2012

Active Recovery Day - Installing Garage Door Openers

I found two long afternoons over the last weekend to do some project around the house I had on my to-do-list for a long time: installing a garage door opener. The house didn't come with one but to my luck the majority of the wiring was already in place behind the drywall and over the ceiling. So the only thing missing was the actual opener, some brackets to install it, and a few switches/buttons to hook it up. I felt like I did a 6hr ride after being on my feet for hours. It was worth it, though. The wife sure likes it. Just pushing buttons now!
Step 1: Chamberlain Belt Drive which was on sale at LOWE's
Step 2: garage pre-install, aluminum door with standard spring for manual opening/closing
Step 3: lots of assembling to do!
Step 4: Chamberlain uses a standard 1/8" track chain lock to hold the belt drive together. Who would have thought?

Step 5: install wall bracket for front end of belt guide
Step 6: support for door bracket
Step 7: door bracket installed
Step 8: You can have a helper...or just use the ladder + cooler to position the opener!
Step 9: ceiling mounts installed, angled/custom metal brackets added, opener hangs!
Step 10: just he wiring left now
Step 11: installing wall mount for opener /light switch

Step 12: safety sensors need wiring + installation on door tracks

Step 13: installed and connected, just need to hide the wires and for "cleaner" look

Step 14: angled L-shaped extension installed, this will give the "lift" to the door

Step 15: that was the easiest part...outside door keypad for remote entry
Step 16: The American Dream! push-to-open
Step 17: done!