Monday, September 19, 2011

Cotton Patch Omnium

I haven't been here since in 2009 so with a RR, TT and Crit I was looking forward to some good late-season racing as prep for State RR just a week later. My "wing-man" Jay Blankenship came down from Kansas so we had two Tulsa Tough guys in the mix. The Road Race worked out as usual, after 10 miles an early break goes and makes it to the end. Contrary to 2 years back, I wasn't able to out-sprint my break-away buddies Carlos & Crozzy (who won) but a 3rd was good going into the TT.

The time trial was on a new route, along Highway 69 north of Greenville. A bit too much traffic in my opinion for a safe TT but it was a hard TT with plenty off headwind. I never felt really fast because of the wind and a new saddle I was trying out but still I was able to score the best time of the day and take the lead in Omnium. So I had to make a phone call North to Oklahoma and call-in another wingman for the Crit: Jason Waddell.

A guy who won PLENTY of Crits on his own and raced pro ~10 years ago as a helper for a Criterium? Why not. That's what teamwork is all about. Two weeks ago I was getting him to the front at Gateway-Cup and gave him a good last lap he's riding at the front shutting things down so we make sure we can take home the Omnium win. Classy teammates. I ended up in a break with Carlos & two local PACC guys and third on the day. Plenty enough to win again and between Jay & Jayson we had a nice pay-day/weekend.

(photo: Lee McDaniel Photography)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Déjà Vu in Wichita Falls

Going back to Wichita Falls was great. I lived there for 5 years and it was awesome to see so many friends from the past and present. The race, Hotter'n Hell 100, went good, too although you always strive for the top spot.

Update: Three different days, three different races, three different podium "scenes"...

Friday Night Crit (photo: Dan Apgar,

Saturday's Road Race (photo credit: Richard Cleaver,

Sheri victorious at Sunday's Crit (photo credit: Scot Montague)