Monday, February 22, 2010

more (successful) early Texas racing

Amazing to see how certain Texas races experience same weather conditions year after year. It was Walburg again. Chilly, 50ish degrees, and a bit of misty rain. Add some mud/clay from central Texas farmers and you got a pretty photographer-friendly bike race.

For the first time this year we had a whole team (except Logan who's still in Kiwi-land) at the start and everything worked out as planned. The race never got really hard due to the non-existing winds, a smaller field of 50some P/1 racers, and the fact that everybody was waiting for the last 8miles. That's where I really dug deep for the first time since Tour of Southland last November and we kept it "smooth" until the finish with Josh taking the win easily. I "debarked" with 2K to go and rolled into the finish after our front group and ahead of a broken-into-pieces peloton.

Sunday's Pace Bend race did not disappoint again and we had clear, blue skies with 75 degrees + sunshine. Perfect day for a bike race and thanks to our sprinter Josh it was another good day for the team with him taking the win. It required a bit of work, though and this year's edition of PB was definitely one of the hardest I've done when looking at KJ's/power - or you just look at how the "field" of 60some P/1's fell apart in the last 5 laps. I found myself in the not so favorable position of being in a strong-break of 8 guys halfway-through the race which last until 3 laps to go on the 6mile course. I'm nowhere near my usually fitness yet so I just stuck it out there and we kept our eyes on the plan which ended up working out just well.

pre-race fun at PaceBend with youngster's Cody + Travis

...good to have those guys as teammates!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A bit of Déjà vu at Belterra + a win at Le Driveway

Finally got the season underway last weekend with some racing in one of West Austin's nice neighborhoods a.k.a Belterra. I was by no means race-ready as some bacterial infect and subsequent antibiotics took me out for a week. But, the legs didn't feel too shabby and I figured I can be some help - even though I was only running on half a tank. The team got 5th (Brant) and 7th (Josh) Saturday and the outcome was only "okay" as we couldn't get the fastest man in the field to the line on time.

Flashback - Belterra 2006:
Monday Trivia Question: Can you identify the rider(s) in above pic taken in '06? I see a former P12TX State TT Champ, a father of a World's medalist, etc...

Day 2 of the Texas State Cup opening weekend at the Driveway meant for us to get it 100% right this time. From plan to execution it worked out this time around and Josh took the win ahead of youngster Alan Ting and our joker - Willy Ross - in third.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Tokarski (

All in all a solid weekend and another opportunity for some of the guys to get things dialed in for things to come. My legs should come around in the next few weeks - I hope!