Monday, February 8, 2010

A bit of Déjà vu at Belterra + a win at Le Driveway

Finally got the season underway last weekend with some racing in one of West Austin's nice neighborhoods a.k.a Belterra. I was by no means race-ready as some bacterial infect and subsequent antibiotics took me out for a week. But, the legs didn't feel too shabby and I figured I can be some help - even though I was only running on half a tank. The team got 5th (Brant) and 7th (Josh) Saturday and the outcome was only "okay" as we couldn't get the fastest man in the field to the line on time.

Flashback - Belterra 2006:
Monday Trivia Question: Can you identify the rider(s) in above pic taken in '06? I see a former P12TX State TT Champ, a father of a World's medalist, etc...

Day 2 of the Texas State Cup opening weekend at the Driveway meant for us to get it 100% right this time. From plan to execution it worked out this time around and Josh took the win ahead of youngster Alan Ting and our joker - Willy Ross - in third.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Tokarski (

All in all a solid weekend and another opportunity for some of the guys to get things dialed in for things to come. My legs should come around in the next few weeks - I hope!


  1. aha, Mr Benz on the right in yellow, I'm guessing REI... Tom C also in yellow as always... is that Loren D leading? hmmm... who is that small San Jose boy (3rd wheel)? is it Andrew D?
    8th wheel on the left in blue, Marc B (??)

  2. I also see a brother of a World's medalist, two riders right of the TT Champ. Maybe that brother will show up for the Bro Challenge at the Tour de Gruene

  3. J-Mac and a French-Canadian is in the mix, too. So is the 40+ Belterra 2010 Winner.