Monday, February 22, 2010

more (successful) early Texas racing

Amazing to see how certain Texas races experience same weather conditions year after year. It was Walburg again. Chilly, 50ish degrees, and a bit of misty rain. Add some mud/clay from central Texas farmers and you got a pretty photographer-friendly bike race.

For the first time this year we had a whole team (except Logan who's still in Kiwi-land) at the start and everything worked out as planned. The race never got really hard due to the non-existing winds, a smaller field of 50some P/1 racers, and the fact that everybody was waiting for the last 8miles. That's where I really dug deep for the first time since Tour of Southland last November and we kept it "smooth" until the finish with Josh taking the win easily. I "debarked" with 2K to go and rolled into the finish after our front group and ahead of a broken-into-pieces peloton.

Sunday's Pace Bend race did not disappoint again and we had clear, blue skies with 75 degrees + sunshine. Perfect day for a bike race and thanks to our sprinter Josh it was another good day for the team with him taking the win. It required a bit of work, though and this year's edition of PB was definitely one of the hardest I've done when looking at KJ's/power - or you just look at how the "field" of 60some P/1's fell apart in the last 5 laps. I found myself in the not so favorable position of being in a strong-break of 8 guys halfway-through the race which last until 3 laps to go on the 6mile course. I'm nowhere near my usually fitness yet so I just stuck it out there and we kept our eyes on the plan which ended up working out just well.

pre-race fun at PaceBend with youngster's Cody + Travis

...good to have those guys as teammates!

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