Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Getting started...

It's official: I'm going to Southeast Asia in a few weeks to race 3 UCI stage races in December '06 and January '07. This will be my program: 12/25-31 Tour of South China Sea, 01/06-12 Jelajah Malaysia, 01/20-25 Tour de Siam (all UCI 2.2). In all three events I will be racing in the colours of Team Champion Systems out of Hong Kong, China.

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  1. Be careful with the food big guy... do not get sick because you can not afford to lose any more weight. Guess we will have to fatten you up when you get back home -- got some very tastey beer in the fridge (but of course it will be gone when you get back here). Get strong and be healthy.

    Akins (plural)