Thursday, May 24, 2007

Confessions of "Generation EPO", Mister 60%

This is getting bigger and bigger; now day by day another former Telekom-rider comes out of the closet. Today: Bjarne Riis. He said abot his 1996 TdF win: "The jersey is in a cardboard box in my garage, if you wanna come and pick it up, you're welcome." When asked about side effects he experienced with the use of EPO, he simply said: "The only effect was that I was riding faster." It's a good thing, though. Maybe next week Jan Ullrich? It would be time. Erik Zabel's confession was very emotional...He admitted using EPO and said [..."the point is that it was forbidden to dope, and I doped. I doped, I lied"...]

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  1. Gracias por leer mi blog, que bueno que te parezca interesante.
    How's that about zabel? i think the use of doping substances is not only from the great riders... is commonly used but nobody admits it, cycling in recent years have been very hard, almost not human, i'm not in favour of the use of those ilegal substances, but i think should be less hard.