Thursday, August 30, 2007

Special TBI Wednesday Nighter

Last night Lalla and me made the drive down to Ft. Worth for the last Wed Nighter of the year and another reason: Ivan Muksa, the TBI rider who's life ended way too early last Friday night here in Wichita Falls (see Story).
Surfer, Crozzy, Dave O, Nathan, Matt, Colt, Parker, a few more horsepower and myself raced together in TBI jerseys, the team Ivan was racing on while leading the Junior Open category in the Texas-Cup. It was a whole lot of fun and they had primes EVERY lap. That was sure the most $$$-stacked Training Crit I've ever done (but all winnings went right back to the promoter for Ivan). Nathan and me were in a 4-man move for probably 6 laps or so and I would pull and he would win the primes ;-) Later, Crozzy and myself were in a break of three and I sent him off the front solo (I think he hated me for that...). Finally, it came to a sprint of maybe 15 guys and Dave O saved it for our little mixed/all-star/tribute-giving squad by edging out Wed Night King and soon-to-be married Justin Wallace.

The race and several donations that day came up with a total of $3,000...not bad at all! Andy Hollinger and friends are setting up an Ivan Mukasa Memorial Scholarship Fund and if you wanna help email Andy at

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