Thursday, February 14, 2008

How to decrease your drag in 2 days?

Well, thanks to my new job I got to be part of a Wind Tunnel Clinic we held the last few days at A&M in College Station for our clients from Source Endurance. Next to helping them to be more efficient when riding TT's or competing in the bike-part of triathlons we also did some interesting stuff regarding rolling resistance of some well-known road bike tires.

...Drew Hill dealing with "smoke"

...John Cobb is watching
which hands are mine?

...Teacher (right) and student (left)

..."Damiano" is hiding

..."Not having my afternoon tea w/ milk makes me sleepy"

...Brandon gave me a reality-check on my TOKEN's

...Drew getting creative

...watching tunnel testing is indeed very interesting


  1. How many folks did Mr. Cobb slam down and back?

  2. comment to xntrickly: Mr. Cobb is not all about slamming down and back.
    But it seems not to work with every midgets :-)))))