Monday, May 5, 2008

Gila Monster Wrap

Well, the "Monster" didn't suit me so well yesterday as I simply had to call it a day after 55 miles and got into the team car. I was simply exhausted and couldn't apply any power to the pedals. Was kind of frustrating but I caught a little cold and my legs just said "no" as soon as the "vertical challenge" towards the Cliff Dwellings started.
But, I was still somewhat relieved that it was over because of A) I missed the huge crash which sent several guys to the hospital (incl. a Tecos who most likely will be paralyzed) and B) did my best in helping Mike O. to accomplish his impressive ride which I C) got to witness from the team car right behind him. Mike ended up getting 14th on the stage while dropping a bunch of pro's and finished 15th Overall, taking the "virtual" Best Amateur Jersey.

Here's the VeloNews Article

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  1. Glad you made it out alive! There is no hiding on that stage, especially if you were aggressive all week. Can't wait to see how that hard week sets you up for the races ahead!