Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

The last two weekends of racing locally in DFW have been very good for the Team and I was able to score some points in the "winner, winner, chicken dinner" competition, too. If you don't know what that means, go check it out here.

Andy Hollinger's Ivan Mukasa and James Bailey Races were both awesome places to have bike races. Saturday's Circuit Race was okay as we got 4 guys in the Top 6 but we missed the win. Godsey, Surfer Nick and Crosby all rode super strong and it was nice to have such great teammates around for the "ride". Anything else than a win would have been a disappointment in Sunday's race at Texas Motor Speedway...so it was time to go hard or go home ;-) Wohlrabe of RBM and myself got off the front 2miles into the 80mile race and we never saw the field (or what was left) again. Him and I are similar racers when it comes to strength so we just did our two-man TT and rolled away. I was able to get away with 5miles to go and Crosby finished it in style by taking third. Good times!

The Matrix Crits were fine as always. We had a full squad and getting a win on one of the days was almost a must. No matter who'd do it. Chad won last year and he told me beforehand where to be in which corner if you wanna take it first to the line from a break. With 40min to go the "512-crew" of Wenger, Sol, I and Helmig were in a promising break and we got up to 40+ seconds. That was it. We started playing games with 2 laps to go and were going 12mph at one point on the bachstretch. DW put in a couple of furious attacks but everything came down to a sprint and I got into the 2-t0-go corner first and held that to the line.

Oh, by the way Jed Rogers, I'm not an Ape :-)

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