Tuesday, May 26, 2009

DFW Weekend

After Gila, Joe Martin and a little time off the focus shifted towards the traditional Memorial Day Crits in DFW. We (Tyler and I) did the Driveway as a warm-up and things felt good, as I was able to "exercise" (to quote Crosby) to a 2nd place but still, the engine was not working as well as in previous training crits. Oh well, that's why it's a weekly crit after all.

Photo by Willis' iPhone

In both races, Saturday's Glickman Crit and Sunday's GS Tenzing Crit, I did not feel like being able to win so I rode more out of "instinct" and just tried to "race" and work as hard as I could to pull off something for the team. Chad and I were able to make a few $$$ in primes both days but fell short with a 2nd place (Cagle again) on Saturday and missed out on the winning break on Sunday. Duh! Stuff happens.

For Monday's State Criterium Champs I felt okay, but knew that it would be super hard to avoid a field sprint and get into a lucky break. So I raced again based on instinct and saw an opportunity in the first lap where Barry Lee and A. Gonzalez from Metro joined me quick. Knowing they would catch us anyways I tried to find a balance between over-cooking myself and going too slow. Well, it latest for about 45minutes and I could contribute to the team's winnings while my TxTough boys kept it easy at the front of the field. After I was caught I settled into the field and waited for the end - which would be all Chad's mission. He did great once again, but caught leading it out from the last turn and Carlos Vargas of THSJ nipped him by a few inches on the line. So close. Oh well, onward to Tulsa Tough which will be a notch harder than the last 3 days.
Photo by Lee McDaniel Photography

Here's an article from the local Ft. Worth Star-Telegram about the race.

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