Monday, March 15, 2010

old-school TT's and awesome riding in Fred'burg

Great weekend at home! Got to ride out to Manor for Austin Nationals' TT. Was a good chance to catch up with some friends and clients in the "Ghost Town". Only did the Eddy Merckx-style TT without aero equipment and it was a good test-run for future TT's. Thanks to RunFar chip-timing the results were accurate and posted super-fast. I think every TT should use chip-timing, it's not that expensive and it saves a LOT of hazzle for promoters and makes participants happy with instant results instead of waiting around until it's dark. After getting my raffle-ticket "redeemed" for an Arundel cage Adam and I rode back home and that made it a solid 5hr day on the Fisher.

On Sunday we went out to the "real" Hill Country and rode north of Fredericksburg for 4hours. Biggest advantage there: no traffic. We got past by two cars in the first 2hours of our ride. Enchanted Rock was very crowded, though but we "sneaked in" and got our fix at vending machines w/ Dr. Pipp, "as-big-as-Travis' face" cookies, and "as-skinny-as-Adam's-fingers" sour sticks.

If you're in Freddyburg you'll need to get a drink and some Schnitzel at the local micro-brewery a.k.a. Fredericksburg Brewery. Pretty close to home-cooking and the Enchanted Rock Red Ale tastes delicious - especially after a +4hr ride in Texas Hill Country.

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