Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From the woodshop...

I was always amazed how much money you can spend on toys for your pets. Especially a cat tree. Petsmart has one for $279...and that's with free shipping! Ouch. So on a Saturday I thought about it and Sunday afternoon I started building one from scratch after a visit to one or two hardware stores.

It went like this, starting at 4pm with some carpet, 2x4's, 90deg angles, screws and carpet/wood glue:

5pm :

6:30pm :

somewhere in between:

around 9pm:

done at 11pm!

A happy cat...

That's MY tree!

having friends over...

Ok, I think I fit in here...

Next to putting things together so it withholds a 10+lb pet (who loves to jump & move!) I had to think a few times how to put the most creative building together so it's a) functional and b) still "exciting" from a cats perspective. From the first looks the cat "accepted" it as a new hangout.

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  1. Awesome. I wonder if there is a higher correlation of cat ownership amongst cyclists than the general population. Or maybe a higher percentage of happy cats.