Friday, December 29, 2006

Stage 5 a.k.a. crashfestival

Stage 5, Zhuhai: So today I was a lucky man and avoided the crashfest which took half the field out w/ 4 laps to go. I just tried to follow the russian train of Omnibike Dynamo Moscow and finished somewhere in the 40's(?). Now I'm standing in line for immigration to get into Macau, the 3rd country on my trip so far.


  1. Hang in there Stefan, it sounds like you are doing great. Looks like you right about the 54 also! Thanks for the updates, I think your webstite is now the most visited on my computer.

  2. Wow, the races read like a bumper car ride where you are not in the "in" crowd with large road rash. At least the cows aren't chasing you like in Wisconsin. If you leg is that dirty you may want to turn your lungs inside out and give them a good scrubbing. Stay upright and pedal hard - Dairyboy