Saturday, December 30, 2006

Stage 6 and Final - Macau

Okay, it's December 31st over here and we just completed the last stage of the TSCS yesterday afternoon. It was the only stage which featured some rolling hills and a final 2Km climb up to a tower in Macau. The course wasn't too hard so the entire field hit the last climb together and it was a mess going up there through switchbacks passing (?) and being passed (?) by riders. Jared and me did some hard sprint work midway through the race to raise our payout to HKG $300. After that, I finished somewhere in the 40's again while Jared cracked the Top20 once again. That guy looks like a sprinter but he can go fast uphill, too. Wondering what I'm doing wrong? Anyways, now we are chilling in the hotel lobby before we get on a ferry back to Hong Kong where we will spend the next few days before moving on to Malaysia for the next stage race.

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  1. Happy New Year! Your way ahead of us. We are still 6 hours away of that fun and excitement, let us know how it is.... Enjoy cooling your heels for a few days. Nothings wrong your just getting warmed up and should do great in the next event. Cheers from America's dairyland, I have to go milk the cows.