Monday, January 1, 2007

恭喜發財 (Sun nien fai lok)

Happy New Year to all my friends and readers of this blog. We have 2007 here in Hong Kong since almost 19hours. It was a loooong night! The sunrise told us this morning to head back to the hotel...some of us didn't woke up in the hotel though. We rode our bikes for a bit this afternoon and now we are waiting to go to dinner with our friend Florence in Central HKG. I will try to post some pictures here later since I "crashed" my camera last night somewhere in the subway :-(


  1. Hey Stefan,

    I'm just a guy from Tommy B's team and I just wanted to tell you that the music on your site kicks bulls balls dude. Awesome.

    Good luck in your next race. Keep the skinny side down.

    Lane -

  2. yo stefan,
    Just tried to send ya an email!!.. WTF it doesn't work. email me

    -Brandon Gavic

  3. Germanator
    Please discribe better what is entailed in a "New Year Eve" crash of your camera on a subway in Hong Kong at the crack of dawn. Could I surmise that there was "hard training" involved with this incident!
    Keep up the level of fun, I have to go milk the cows

  4. Ted,
    I should have writeen "broke" rather than crashed when referring to the camera. For some reason it got slammed on the floor and the Canon was gone. But, being in Asia and having a wide selection of electronics, I got myself already a new one...