Saturday, January 6, 2007

Stage 1 - riding through the jungle

So today was the first "real" bike racing in terms of distance. 195km from Buntan to Kuantan on wide, open roads with a lot of rollers. It was tough. Coming from the 65 degree F Hong Kong to 90's down here made my head hurt a lot, gave me more crazy tan-lines and an 17th(?) place. Jared and me made it into the break of about 35 guys which formed with 90km to go. Luckily, I had company of recent Asian Games Winner Kam Po Wong (Hong Kong Pro) when briding from the field to the front group. That guy can motor, almost like a german diesel :-) After going 180km on the same highway straight we had a left-right combination with 700m to go and I kinda messed it up because I came around the corner 2nd and there were 500m still to the finish :-( Well, we came in about 4min before the field; still waiting for the official results. Okay gotta turn theat Windows 98 machine off for now, get some food, and some sleep rest for another 200km tomorrow...


  1. Awesome job Stefan! Stay tough and take care of yourself in that heat. Looking forward to stage two update.

  2. way to go baby! good luck tomarrow. win lots of aisian money and bring me back something nice.
    i love you

  3. To the real German Motor. Nice race, the heat suited you just fine. Run smooth and stay hydrated. Ted

  4. we are so proud of you! kick some booty tomorrow :)

  5. hi~
    Stefan... do you know who am I?

    how you did in the race :P

    GOOD LUCK~~~

  6. Fast,

    sure I know who you are. Shoot me your email address some time.

    Malaysia is treating us well, except the rain, rain, and more rain.