Saturday, January 20, 2007

Going 28.3mph to the River Kwai Bridge

So here I am - in the River Kwai Hotel in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Today's 1st stage of the Tour of Siam over 155km was another fast "windfest" where the field was strung out long and a field sprint ended the day after 03:25hrs (avg. 28.3mph). I finished somewhere in the pack; nothing for me when local riders sprint like nuts for 47th place. My roommate for the last 2 days - Thomas B. - was our MAN in the only break-away of 16 guys today. Unfortunately, with 20km to go it got caught and we went 50kph towards the finish. Good job, though. That way, Dave, Jared, Simon and myself could take it easy in the peloton (if you consider 28.3mph going easy).Tomorrow is the day of truth with 115miles through the mountains of Northwest Thailand.

Other than that, Thailand welcomed us very warm; literally with temperatures in the mid-90's every day. Everything is very green around here, rice is growing left and right from the street and the local "Seven 11" is the place to buy cheap things.

Here are a few impressions I shot with my Canon Ixus over the last 3 days:


  1. What a culture experience this past month. You have some great photos, I hope you are enjoying the Thai food! Eat lots and stay safe out there.

  2. it's look great in thai :P