Sunday, June 15, 2008

Team Play pays out big at Matrix Challenge '08

Today's Matrix Crit (Day 1) was all about one thing: Making sure Chad was in the right spot at the end to secure him a free lane to sprint victory. He's riding very well these days so my + Kolt's duty was easy: Help to keep the pack together and chase stuff down to get him to the line safely.

It worked great, next to winning two $$ primes we also won the race! A dozen THSJ guys and a super strong Jittery Joe's one-man team was not enough today to crack Chad Cagle. I didn't had the 'snap' to go with a lot of moves so I found myself chasing the various breaks and went into the 'red zone' multiple times in order to keep the stuff together. With 4 laps to go Chad found himself in a perfect group of 8 guys 10 seconds ahead of the field and I slowly drifted back, being exhausted from the day's work and just watched him do his thing from the back of the group.

That's the 2nd win for the team in 7 days, I can't be more proud if the guys I'm racing with.


...Chad in the "passenger seat"...

...Chad finishes off a hot and hard day with the 'V'!

(Photo courtesy of Tom Craddock)

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