Friday, December 12, 2008

Hong Kong after all

Until a few days ago I was not really sure if I'm heading Far East for the Tour of South China Sea (UCI 2.2) stage race but now I'm sitting in Seoul International Airport waiting for my final connection leg to HKG.I originally had planned to race here with a strong international composite team but that got called off one week ago by their Swiss D.S. so I was left w/ out a ride. At the last minute (Tuesday) a friend of mine in Hong Kong and some friends at Champion System offered to help me out so I'm good to go. I'll be the german "token" on an all Hong Kong/Chinese team. More to come...
Airport Fast Food in Korea...


  1. I would have picked the Noabiari. It looks good!

  2. Good Luck Stefan!!!!

  3. Tear it up for me Stefan. Wish I could be there racing with you as planned. Oh well, I'm glad you still got to go and I'll be fine with just racing Australia.