Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Riding in the 214 & Speeding on S. Mopac

Got to built up my new ride and tested it at this past weekends team get-together in the "214" as Sufer would put it. Riding on good ol' Texas chip-'n-seal with 20mph winds reminded me of the great days in Wichita...definitively made for a solid 3-day block of training and some good power data thanks to SRAM's SRM and my (now tired) piernas...

We spent roughly 10hrs in the saddle and it was good, fun times with a great bunch of people I like to hang-out. Adding sprints into the "routine" spiced things up a bit and I realized (once again) that I lack that certain bit of fast-twitch fiber in my legs ;-)

Gotta say, 'Red' shifts very crisp, which reminds me on the good old Campy Record days when I raced on a celeste Bianchi. Also, all my water bottles stayed in the cage on rough roads thanks to Dave-O's sweet Arundel stuff.

This weekend will finally see some real racing with our newly acquired teammate "Big Daddy" and a few others.

...my new "cockpit"

...friend Eric multi-tasking with camera/driving/pacing on S. Mopac

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