Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Recap & Special Tunes

Another Year, another Walburg and the legs are slowly starting to come around. The 7 times I have done that race now, it was always somehow epic. Rain & wind didn't disappoint this year either. Somehow, I always had a "No-Go" at Walburg in the past years and was left dead w/ 10 miles to go. With the rain this time around, I punctured my tubi in lap one, got "a wheel", and got back in relatively easy. That "wheel" was a bad choice, though as the "someone's" freehub body was "dry" and it made for some entertaining sounds in our little chase group of 8 for the remaining 2 laps ;-) My bike sounded more like this rather than the regular 10speed flow. We had played the cards right until our man Tank & MSU's Colt got "ridden out" of the 5-man lead-break by an unnamed rider...I ended up 9th and was pleased, considering I usually don't hit the results until March comes around. Good enough change to enjoy some post-race "As-Big-As-Yo'-Face Burrito" at Chuy's with the whole team.

After a quick stop at SIX for the wife's birthday party I got into recovery-mode for the next day's Pace Bend RR. As usual, it was a "rollercoaster" ride and probably the easiest RR you do all year - if you chose to do so. I did, too until I saw an opportunity w/ 3 laps to go and went for it. The Carey brother #1 and Bryan Fawley aka "I-have-to-be-in-da-break-away" joined me soon after and we esteablished a nice gap quickly where we wouldn't see the field anymore. It was fun, taking those rollers at full speed and not
having to worry about 130 guys around you. I thought the fun could last until the finish but after I went for it at the feedzone hill I saw 'em coming along my way. Another VW-Turbo bridged up to me with 3miles to go but I had burned my last match with 1mile to go. Oh well, didn't work out this time around but unless you don't try you don't win. Photo courtesy of Kevin Tokarski (

BTW, check out this guy who's making a "comeback" at the age 20 (?).

Editor's Special: Check out these tunes, and guess author name and title of this "song". Correct answer/comment get's a cool T-Shirt at Lago Vista!



  1. i wanna play!!

    led zeppelin - kashmir

    what do i win?

  2. that is without a doubt Rosko Walker... golden boy extraordinaire.

    what do I win?


  3. Oh hell... name of the song should be: Rosko has too much time on his hands...

    but the real title is probably something goofy like "TX Tough Anthem with Deutschland remix featuring DJ WalKeR on the pole".

    kinda has a nice ring to it...


  4. That is a classic song made even better.