Monday, March 2, 2009

Lago Weekend & The KB show


4:00pm pack 1 wife, 2 bikes, 8 wheels, some beer, in the Vdub
4:30 stuck in rush-hour on N. Mopac
5:00 Buy dinner stuff + ice cream at H-E-B in Cedar Park
5:30 arrive at "The Shores" Condo # 2002
5:45 go ride with TxTough-mechanico John Brown (while counting deer on Boggy Ford Rd)
6:45 get home by darkness but with loose legs
7-10 eat aforementioned dinner + ice cream, watch movies and catch up with teammates
11pm checking in with Eric Marquez + Don Hutchinson while picking up race-numbers


8am getting up, out and check temperatures
8:01 go back to bed
8:30 out and riding on the course cheering for some Master's and getting the legs a little spin (& avoiding deer)
9:00 getting warm again and eating lots of breakfast
9: 30 sleeping
10:00 tune-up bikes and send off the wife for her race, taking photos of some races
11:00 hanging out with teammates (+ their kids) and talking about life, bikes, racing, etc.
11:02 checking out Tyler's anti-deer whistle
12:30 lining up for Day 1 of Primavera, lots of horsepower in this field
2:30 after 50miles of sitting in trying to see how my teammate Alex is doing in the break
3:20 catching Alex - both the field + the break is out of sight :-(
3:45 team takes 3rd, 4th, and 5th behind Tilford/Blackgrove. Those were not to match today
4:45 while checking on the results, unnamed (and new favorite) race official hands me a SPATEN beer
5-7 sleep
7:45 in true Texas-Style, watching final 10 laps of NASCAR race..don't even remember who won
8-10pm team dinner at the Godsey's with pasta, ice cream + red wine

Note: I can't believe how many folks are running 808's or other deep dish wheels in those windy + hilly Texas races. Certain races (like today) require hard training (on shitty 32spoke wheels) and some simple low-profile rims. I see you wanna be aero & all when it counts but most definitely not at Lago V.


8am getting up, step outside and check temperatures
8:01 go back to bed
8:30 obligatory early spin, cheering for Wichita Falls sprint ace Les Akins (2nd Master 40+!)
9:30 Lots of coffee + self-made banana-pancakes
10:00 bike tune-up for half of the Austin Flyer's Women's team
10:30 sleep
11-12 hanging out with teammates talking about how not to get embarrassed by 10 of KB pro's showing up, deciding on race tactics
12:30 lining up for Day 2 at Lago Vista with 130 (?) other dudes.
12:55 race tactic executed, Mat and I in the early & strong break
1:30 loosing count of # of KB riders in the break, they all look alike
1: 35 SS's Dille and I are hanging' in there
1:36 a few more common Texas faces come into the break, but soon after are gone again
2:30 still hanging in there with Heath and 4 KB dudes
2:45 KB constantly re-shuffling/exchanging their guys in the break
3:00 still averaging 25mph on the course, and around 300W so far
3:10-3:20 getting worked over by KB
3:20-3:25 getting more worked over by KB
3:26 Polish-last named rider makes his winning move, we don't/can't react
3:27 trying to ride away but there's always one guy glued on the wheel.
3:34 we're going 15 mph downhill, playing cat & mouse
3:35 I go w/ Canadian/Olympian Zach Bell and don't even try to sprint against him
3:36 getting 3rd, teammates getting 9th and 14th - solid weekend for us, the 'V' was impossible today
4:30 Thanking Don Hutchinson for (yet another) great race weekend
5:45 eating way too much Pizza at Cici's on 183 & HW45

Alex about to sprint me hard for 3rd just before slamming on his brakes :-)
(c) by Libby McDuff

Dille, Heath and I "co-starred" in the KB Show

Editor's Note: Congrats to Les Akins for guessing the correct name in last week's Music/Free T-Shirt contest. "Danger" Russ Walker is the "author" of the special song from my last post...

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