Sunday, June 17, 2007

AT&T Crit...and more

70 minutes, 81deg. F, 28mph avg., 194 (!) HR avg., 32miles, early break, primes, avoiding crashes, pulling back late break-away for Chad, he finishes 5th, I roll in at 24th, pizza & shinerbock at "La Taverna". Thanks Barry Lee of THSJ for such a great event. You're the man!

"Kristian House (Navigators) and Stefan Rothe (Mercy Cycling) kept their faces at the front to make their presence known early in the race."
>>> looks like I'm known now for being in early breaks which don't stick???

Results Saturday:
1. Frank Trevieso
2. Frank Pipp
3. Ivan Stevic
4. Henk Vogels
5. Chad Cagle

This morning I came out to the "Driveway Crit" in East Austin and had 45 minutes of fun on the "track". It was a small, but quality field and I got a good workout it before heading to Nature Valley on Tuesday. My new favourites for rainy crits are the Michelin Pro Race tires. Didn't slip once in today's race.

Results Sunday:
1. Ivan Stevic
2. Carlos Vargas
3. Henk Vogels
4. Stefan Rothe
5. Kristian House
6. Barry Lee