Friday, June 22, 2007

NVGP 2,3,4

Here's the latest recap from the Twin Cities:

Stage 2 - 65 miles of sketchy riding on windy roads at 28mph. A ugly early crash ended any chances for Mike and Jonathan. Once to the finishing circuits my legs suddenly said "No more" and I rode in with some guys OTB ;-( Bummer! 70ish

Stage 3 - a prologue-like TT (4miles) as stage 3? Weird! I like it longer, though. Did okay, no TT equipment except Paul's HED wheels (Thanks!). 51st. Props to teammate Doug Swanson for taking 12th and being best amateur!

Stage 4- one of the fastest crits I ever did at 29.5mph. For me: just sit in and finish and not go down. It was a lot of adrenalin-induced fun; especially for all the spectators watching with their beer glasses leaning over the metal fences...finished the hour of pain w/ the big field...80ish

Follow the results here:

Two to go,

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