Sunday, June 3, 2007

Not so tough at Tulsa Tough

This weekend was Tulsa Tough, a big $$$ event for a 2nd year in a row now. It was fast as always and with some more pro's even harder than last year. That's how I felt at least. Coming to Tulsa, I didn't expect too much in terms of performance since I've been racing the last 6 weekends w/ out taking a break (if you consider a rally not a race...). Especially my coughing is still bothering me - Chad Cagle called it "SARS" and others told me to stop smoking...Well, I don't know what it is.
Anyways, Friday Night's
Blue Dome Crit was a wet 80minute crit and it was more a question of who can go fast through slippery turns w/ out falling. I didn't fall but my head was just not in the right place that night and on top of it I flatted. I got a Zipp 404 from Jose of SRAM but that slick Michelin at 120psi didn't help at all so I called it a day. Chad placed 18th and was the best place rider that night for us.
Saturday's race was way more fun and relaxed comparing to the night before in downtown. I felt better but still not great. We rode more aggressive that night and I was able to help Chad at least once to get a prime. With 11 laps to go I tried bridging from the field to the winning move of 3 guys (2 Successful Living) - unfortunately, I fell short about 10 yards as it took me a lap to get close to them and finally losing them right in front of me. I just don't have it right now; my HR avg. was at 180 that night. Way to high, and my legs can go only one lap out.
Sunday's race was my best finish last year (15th) and it looked pretty good at the beginning, too. Chad was out front solo for a lap and I got to counter attack and was later joined by "great Dane" Brian Jensen, Brad White (Einstein's) and some SL guy. We rode well together and the move stuck. But I messed up again, as my chain flew off right when we hit the base of the grueling climb up to backside of the course. It was horrible. I couldn't get it back on w/ out stopping and seeing Jensen & Co. riding away. Well, I was back in the field after a push from some stranger (THANKS) and that was pretty much it. I tried to help some more but the race was over for me as soon as I was out of the break. They ended up lapping (!) the field...and Jensen won.
Now I'm taking a little break from racing and shift my focus on other important things like write my thesis, plan a wedding and applying for that magic card, the Green Card that is ;-)


  1. Wedding? When did this come about? Huffy never mentioned a wedding...

  2. Tough luck Stefan. Good racing none the less. Hope to see you soon. Stay safe and get well.