Monday, July 16, 2007

Beach in Canada?

Did the crit Sat. night and finished in the pack. Legs were good for getting into some moves but missed the 8-man break which made it to the line 20sec. before the field. 60 laps = 60times going downhill and 60 times going up a 400m was HARD. Yesterday's road race didn't go so well for me as it was an Miss'n Out race with a total of 8000 ft. climbing...But I was in good company as 65 other guys didn't see the finish line incl. all but one Navigators guy.
Later the day I got to see more of Vancouver, this time the "Folk Fest", basically a party/EXPO with and for a bunch of "alternative" people from Vanc. We also walked on the beach and got some really good greek food. Okay, gotta go and spin out the legs for Wednesday's Tour de Gastown, the 2nd race in BC Superweek.


  1. Get that deisel crankin boy! Hope your having a good time!

  2. Yeah man stop playing around on the beach and get your race on!