Saturday, July 21, 2007


Thurday, Giro di Burnaby: nice, sweet fast course with wide & open turns, and - most importantly - no rain! Thought I take it easy the first 10minutes and right from the gun a break of 11 riders rides away. So the race was decided & we tried to go for some primes. Finished something like 40ish place. Avg. speed: 45.5kph.

Friday, Tour de Delta Hill Climb: Another day of racing in the rain. This time only 700 meters uphill. Got the pleasure to race vs. local semi-retired Gord Fraser up the steep road. Like others, we spun our wheels because of the slippery road but I managed to get 12th; 8 seconds down on race winner Zach Bell (Team Symmetrics, of course).

Side note: At 3 of the past 6 races I recall the smell of freshly smoked "pot". It's very legal here in Vancouver...


  1. It's hard to tell from the photo, Stefan. You're either leading or getting lapped by the field. Which is it? - Paul K.

  2. Hehe...well, that day i was at the front a lot actually! Besides, they probably wouldn't put a pic in there of a lapped rider!