Saturday, July 14, 2007

Superweek - Canadian Style

I'm up here in Vancouver visting my friends Bjoern and Stephanie and doing the canadian version of Superweek, the British Columbia Superweek. It consists of a total of 8 days of racing and last night was the first one; a 700m hill climb which didn't start 'til at 8pm. For you Texans, something like King of Jester in Austin. At first, I found myself in last (!) place as the officials screwed up and gave me 2:52min instead of 1:52. After some talking with them they rewrote all the the results and so I got 14th instead of 64th ;-). I can be happy with that after getting up the same day at 4:30am, flew DFW - Denver - Vancouver and got to the house at 4pm. That was a loooong day. But luckily, they have things like double espresso up here, too ;-)

A few pictures from a ride we did earlier today to spin out the legs before tonight's crit in White Rock.

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