Sunday, March 9, 2008

The "Roubaix - Double"

Saturday, 7am: Meet with Adam G. + Chris Trickey at Austin Java
7:20am: drive to College Station
10am: Start of 10th annual Tunis-Roubaix Road Race
10:02am: hit the first 'pave' and getting dirty
11:00am: Mat Stephens and I try to overcome the THSJ domination (7 out of 25 starters in the P123 race)
12pm: off the front with Willis and Vargas
12:30pm: another attempt to overcome THSJ numbers...
12:40pm: chasing down Vargas who has a minute on our chase group
12:50pm all togther again 12:51pm: chasing down Dan Opdyke
12:58pm: 4th place in the uphill sprint behind Uhl, Fawley + Willis
1:30pm: hit up Freebirds for a monster w/ Adam + Mat (extra guacemole)
2pm: head towards St. Francisville for Rouge-Roubaix race
3pm: 'pitstop' in southeast TX to clean dirty bikes + truck at car wash. 5pm: Brownie "Earthquakes" and "MoccaLattes" at DQ in Dayton, TX
9pm: change watches forward to 10pm
10:30pm arrival at hotel in st. Francisville
10:45pm: Breakfast Burritos at SONIC w/ a junior burger + cheese
12pm: bedtime
Sunday, 6:30am: get out of bed, look at frozen car windows, go back to bed
6:35am: get muffins, bagels + bananas in hotel lobby 7am: get ready for 100mile road race with 25miles of 'dirt' (check on the Specialized Armadillos)
7:40am: direct THSJ to race which are a bit late for 8am start ;-)
8:05am: roll out neutral onto the course with 107 other riders + a guy on a disc wheel (!) 9:30am: hit the first dirt section, felt good
10am: entire field stops for pee-break
10:02am: resume racing 11am: more dirt and this time while going uphill, missed out on 100 dollar prime by one spot ;-(
11:20am: in a break of 15guys, unorganized though
11:30am: all together again 11:45am: last dirt section coming on and I make the 'cut' by avoiding nasty holes in the road but can't match eventual winner's pace
11:55am: in 12man chase-group racing for 2nd place due to 'politics' in the group 12pm: race a bit more 'defensive' as I know the sprint is fast and downhillish 12:23pm: see the 1K-to-go sign and get ready for some fast-twitch-fiber action 12:25pm: Carlos Vargas takes the sprint for 2nd, Herring Gas 3rd, and I get 4th but due the Master in the Top3 I'm officially scored 3rd in the P/1/2 race
8:30pm: in the car with aNut, UT Peter + Jenny back to ATX
What a weekend!!! Great times with The Gaubert + Stephens
The "Tank"
(Shimano R-550 Wheels, 23mm Specialized Armadillos, Ultegra 10 Speed w/ Ceramic VCRC BB, 19lbs ???)

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  1. Way to go on the Lago win! Is Sheri ok after her ER trip? It was fun to see you two the other weekend and am glad to hear that you are doing so well here in ATX.