Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fayetteville Stage Race

photo by Nicki Ellis
  • Stage 1: did a little solo, got the 7second KOM bonus, waited for the field for 2minutes going 39x21, chilled in the pack, NOBODY took responsibility for chasing Mr. Boyd down, we (Mercy) did what we needed to earlier, ened up 11th
  • Stage 2: lots of sleep, no lunch, just healthy/recovery snacks, 20min warm-up and went hard for 14:20min which landed me in 2nd, 4 sec. behind Travis B., secrets? None! Training, training, training! Rode the new TT rig the day before the first time and got fitted by Dave Wenger. Tire Pressure? Didn't matter! Fancy Zipp Wheels? I don't need them! TT specific saddle? Not for me! Light, TT specific tires? Nope!
  • Stage 3: one minute was too much to ask to overcome Mr. Boyd. In Fayetteville, you don't need a strong team to win, you need to have one of the strongest pairs of legs. Boyd rode smart and had the legs. I chilled for 55miles, then went for it and bridged w/ Boyd up to the break, we dropped the guys there, and just TT'd to the finish. I won the stage, Mr. Boyd the race. Fair enough.
  • People who deserve recognition: Mat & Mat, Chad, Kolt, Bill, and Bam-Bam for riding hard to make things happen. Mr. Chang and Mr. Mahlmann of TOKEN Products for their continuous support.
For Dinner today I got to eat some pizza for each placing:
  • Stage 1 - 11th place - 11 slices (?)
  • Stage 2 - 2nd - two slices
  • Stage 3 - 1st - one slice
  • GC - 2nd - Unlimited Ice Tea


  1. Destroying everyone once more. I wouldn't expect anything less.

  2. Good race Stefan. One day I'll be fit enough to race you!

  3. that was me, wink

  4. I guess it's good you did really well. That could have been a lot of pizza if you hadn't!