Monday, July 7, 2008

Fitchburg Chronicles - Last Call for Sprints

Today's goals were simple: Maintain where we were at, 11th GC for Olheiser and 2nd place for me in Sprint Competition. Mike was only one second behind Russ Langley so there was something "possible" in the 55miles of Criterium time. The Green Jersey competition was pretty much locked up, at least for Shawn Milne. Best tactics for me today were a) sit in and participate in some sprints and b) hope that several breaks go off the front with riders who had no points so I can keep my 2nd place because moving one place up was impossible against a 7 man squad of Type 1. Everytime I only attempted to go to the front and and attack I would have the Green jersey right on my rear end...

So I ended up 2nd Overall there and got a nice paycheck in return. Pretty much covered the trip up there. I now feel like a fat sprinter, as I got 3rd-to-last in the Overall Classification :-)

Check out my "part-time" teammates blog for some cool data, pictures and reports!

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