Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fitchburg Chronicles

After last weekends short trip to the West Coast I headed to the East for Fitchburg NRC race. Mike Olheiser & Co. (who just won 30+ Elite Nationals on Wednesday) got me here and I'm racing once again composite with Marx & Bensdorf Team from Alabama.

Getting here was quite interesting. Austin to Washington, D.C., from there over to Manchester, NH and then on to Fitchburg, MA via private taxi with an arrival time of 1:30am on Thursday.... Well, my bike didn't make it with the plane so I was without a bike knowing that the opening TT starts for me at 4:41pm...After some phone calls (I love UNITED) they delivered to our host house at 3:20pm...That was close....I threw the bike together, put on the Mini Vision bars and got in a mini-warmup for a slightly uphill 10K TT...That hurt....A TT bike would have been a better choice today but all I had was the SCOTT R4 courtesy of the best Regional Sales Manager Doug Looney and Mercy. It went all right and I ended up 39th with a huge field of 140 starters...Oh well, after some R&R it was all good again...:-)

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