Friday, September 28, 2007

2 1/2 days of Vegas

I'm back In TX for half a day and found a minute to post some pics from Interbike and the crit. After walking our feet sore at the trade show my buddy Pat from Arizona and me line up for the USA Crit Series World Championship/USA final race. It was simply nuts: 120+ guys on 1K course going for the Parking Lot World Championship title... It was basically a race course setup with metal barriers left and right and crashes were programmed. But it was tons of fun and a big party. I survived and finished the race on my bright yellow MAVIC spare bike with the yellow SRAM hoods after my own ride didn't make it to Vegas. After that, it was time to party and we headed to the Rum Jungle at the Mandala Bay Hotel. After a few hours, $50 poorer, some dancing, and still thirsty we headed back to our hotel (Circus Circus) in style by taking the Scott CR1 instead of the bus on the "Strip".

You can watch the race on-demand for free at

Greg and me having some margaritas

G-Dog getting coffee

former teammate "Huffy"

a 308g (!) front wheel is not bad at all

a MAVIC a.k.a. Cannondal CAAD 9 was my bike for the night

Cipo cool as always...

Ernesto Colnago always ready for a pic


  1. Classic! I'm jealous, sounds like it was a blast.

  2. Hahah, yeah. Too bad the VN article was about freekin' braking!

    Good Luck at your last two races. Hope you have fun, See ya in the spring hopefully. If I am not totally burnt to a crisp by then.

  3. You are a turd sometimes! Hope you get recovered from all of your travels.