Thursday, September 13, 2007

getting some quality miles in

It's amazing how less than 3 weeks of structured training can get you back to fitness. After I hurt a lot in the HHH Crit (was only able to go for some primes), and quit the RR 25miles out, my legs are finally back to "endurance mode". Gateway-Cup was already a good indicator as I finished 5th on the last day, but in the last 10 days I got to spent some quality hours (yes, including a rally...) on the SCOTT in order to be competitive for the remainder of the season. Long, steady rides coupled with some TCC Tuesday nighter's and today's famous "Les Akins lunch ride" will hopefully turn into results...

Will keep you up-to-date how it goes....make sure to check out the Tour of Missouri Live Coverage in the upper-left hand corner of the blog.


  1. Hey Rothe good ride yesterday at the lunch ride that was a nice push. GOINS

  2. thanks, next time you gotta sprint though at the end. otherwise I will stop leading out at 33mph!

  3. Thanks for posting the wedding pictures- they look beautiful! Congrats again :)