Wednesday, September 26, 2007

From Denton to Vegas

After a 3 week break from racing I pinned on a number again for the two Denton crits just north of DFW.
Arriving Friday afternoon from a 15hour plane trip was not ideal for a 75min crit but I can't complain: it was fun and I got in the right move with the THSJ boys Vargas and Jewell. To show you deep I had to dig just to get 3rd place here's are some numbers: HR avg. 191 bpm, time 1:15h, avg. Speed 25.9mph.
After 24hours of rest Sunday's downtown crit went way smoother. I got in the right early move again, this time with 8 riders, and we lapped the field with 7 to go.
THSJ had 3 guys up there so I knew repeating my win from last year would be very tough, although I had my buddy veggieburger with me in the break :-)
Going into the last corner I was 5th wheel but couldn't close it to Vargas and Fawley and settled for 3rd, again. Thanks to Christian + GS Tenzing for putting on a cool end-of-season event and letting me DJ my first crit - the women race that was ;-)
Now its time for Interbike and some more crit action Thursday can follow it live on


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